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Rapid Physique & Performance Enhancer
Attacks your stubborn body fat including dangerous Visceral Fat while doubling the rates of Muscle Growth and Power Increases.






The New Year demands New Strategies to support your Rapid Body Transformation.  Use the Proven 6 Pack Training System for Rapid Fat Loss and Muscle Growth.


Strategic Pause Chin Ups for a Stronger and  more muscular back! 



Build 50 Caliber Guns with Advanced Manual Assistance Triceps Partner Training Videos and Speed up your metabolism before big Holiday Meals!



Get Rid of Your Beer Belly Forever with 50 Caliber Training and GCX10 Rapid Physique and Performance Enhancer.



Tri Phase Rep Executions routine and videos for Rapid Muscle Growth, Fat Loss and Strength Improvements.  Advanced Trainees Get Your Chest Video and Back Video Growing again with Strategic Change.


Sprints Double the rate of Fat Loss for Women vs. steady state cardio!  Learn More



KISS Physique Breakfast of Champions to burn 10-20 pounds of fat in 30 days with high energy levels.



Conquer carb cravings driven by stress and low energy to burn fat fast!  New and Improved Fat Reduce FBO5 for permanent Fat Loss



100% MR+ Muscle Synthesis can replicate the benefits of a 850 Calorie meal and sends powerful fat burning signals to the brain! Read More   


Advanced Post Workout Nutrition Transformation Strategies.




Improve Your Nutrient Partitioning Status to burn more stored fat as fuel while creating greater resources for repairing and building muscle.



Rapid Fat Burning Nutrition Strategy interview with Dr. Serrano


Attack Visceral and Stubborn Fat.    Boost Peak Power and Strength Endurance with GCX10


Dr. Serrano's Videos Cyclical Calorie Manipulation for Busting Plateaus and Rapid Fat Loss.



Cleanse Fat Cells from Holiday Bad Food Choices



12-15 Hour KISS Fasting for Blasting 10 pounds of fat in 21-28 days! Watch the presentation.


Strategic Carb Cycling and Fasting for Rapid Fat Loss with High Energy Levels and NO cravings.




Top 10 Reasons why the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan will help you burn 10-15 pounds of fat in 30 days or less.


21 Rapid Fat Loss Tips Proven effective to Double the rate of body fat burning!


Fire Up the Strength of Your Fat Cellular Network To Burn Stubborn and keep it off even when diet is less than perfect this summer.



Female Customized Training+ Nutrition Program client burns 30 more pounds of body fat for a total of 70 pounds after torching 40 pounds of fat + 4 Dress Sizes in 6 weeks.  Learn How She did it!


Watch Dr. Serrano explain modified fasting Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Program-   Seminar DVD now available with 5.5 hours of high impact footage from Dr. Serrano and Scott H. Mendelson.




Tri Phase Rep Executions for Rapid Muscle Growth, Body Fat Loss and Strength improvements.  Perfect for Experienced Trainees seeking Advanced Strategies.  Pressing Example and Pulling Example


Dr. Serrano's Cyclical Calorie Manipulation

for Rapid Fat Loss.  Learn how to Attack Visceral Fat and Improve Performance with GCX10


Burn 10-20 pounds of fat in 30 days with the KISS Rapid Fat Loss Nutrition Plan. Click Here to Watch Part 1... Part 2


Dr. Serrano outlines the ground breaking macronutrient cycling nutrition plan. Teach cells to burn fat permanently. Click Here to Listen...

Strategic Pause Chin Ups for a Stronger and  more muscular back! 



Manual Resistance Triceps Extension Complex.  Awesome Triceps Video


Dr. Serrano instructs a side lateral raise for strategic muscle targeting, identifying weaknesses and development.  Advanced Side Lateral Raise


GCX10® Rapid Physique & Performance Enhancer
Attacks your stubborn body fat including dangerous Visceral Belly Fat while doubling the rates of Muscle Growth and Power Increases.

100% MR® & Muscle Synthesis Powder™


Optimize Fat Cell Function + Insulin sensitivity  to Accelerate body fat Loss! Proprietary EFA Complex 3 Alpha Omega M 3™ for $109.99 Save $10.00

Fat Reduce FBO5®
Revolutionary Fat Loss system featuring Day and Night formulas to bust through Barriers to Rapid Fat Loss.


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